Mental Health: An apple a day…

…does not keep the doctor at bay. I’m not complaining, though. My psych is a great guy and we have a few minutes getting a laugh and I give him updates. He was rather shocked that I quit the park service, but was ecstatic that I have a career job now. One thing that has been hindering my progress has been the negative impact of struggling with seasonal work and the stress that accompanied the job. You can love a job that is detrimental to your health, after all.

He was rather excited about the fact that I am doing a blog. That the most viewed have been those relating to mental health pleased him as well. I continue to count my good fortune that my first psych chosen is one that I work well with. I’ve talked to so many who have gone through several before finding the right one for them, but there are also those who have yet to find that doctor that is best suited to their needs. I feel for these people that are in need but not getting the help proper for them.

I also mentioned how I am making the acquaintance of people from around the world through Twitter than are decidedly outside the norm for around where I live, particularly muslims. I have met some wonderful folk that I try to keep up with for the exposure to different viewpoints, whether regarding mental health, religion, or just a new perspective. I have been neglecting my people on Facebook, which I need to give them more attention as they are, by and large, people actually known to me.

That’s all I have for now. Hopefully I’ll have another piece of Voices Within posted tonight for those keeping up with my fiction. Until next time, friends, thank you for stopping by and take care of yourselves.


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