Quiet Dreams: What…A…Week…

I feel like such a slacker for not having posted in days, but things have been fairly hectic. On my birthday last week I started both a new job and a new career as administrative support at a state facility. That made for a great birthday gift. When I was 30 it seemed the park service was the start of the rest of my life. A fresh start, a career path, all of it. Sadly, that never happened. Now, though, I find myself working with some great people at a job that I am enjoying. I still don’t have a computer, anything hanging on the walls, or actually started on my core responsibilities yet, but I am excited. There is a lot to learn and some of it is a bit of a surprise.

The facility is a juvenile detention center. I had originally thought that I would have no direct interaction with those detained, but I have started shadowing others to better understand the facility and the upcoming training indicates that I need to be prepared for work anywhere inside. My first aid/cpr cert expires next month, which, fortuitously, is also when the refresher course will take place. There is also the monthly basic aikido training. I definitely did not expect that. A third is one that truly surprised me. I have to take a suicide prevention course. In recent years I have considered getting involved with crisis counseling, even volunteering with the Crisis Text Line (might still). I’ve been down that road and feel obligated to try and help others. I may revisit this again later in the week.

Not busy enough? I’ve also been trying to keep on top of tending three yards, namely my current yard, my parents, and granny’s old house that I will be moving into. On that point, has been the packing. It takes time to move a household, even up the street, when all you have is a Honda Accord. It’s been interesting. I’m not certain any of my friends still in the area have a truck, so a rental is in my future to shift what furniture I will keep. Exhausting, but still exciting.

That’s it for now. I will be back on a regular schedule this week, try to come up with some interesting material, and resume installments of my (atrocious) fiction. I might even add some (equally atrocious) poetry to see if y’all like it. Thanks for stopping by, my friends, and take care.

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