Quiet Dreams: What is a Clurichaun?

For over two decades I have generally relied upon clurichaun as my online nickname. It’s a bit of a blur where I first learned of them, but it was certainly from Dungeons and Dragons or Changeling: The Dreaming role-playing game. My interest in playing these games became my desire to write fiction, although my obsession with the diminutive creatures remains.

Clurichauns are cousin to the leprechauns or are what the latter becomes from too much alcohol, depending on the source material. Regardless, they are among the Good People, or faeries. A variety of endearing terms are used to refer to therm because, as with all fae, there could be trouble if one feels they have been maligned. Some form of a trade or chores are often associated with faeries around a home or business, but clurichauns provide a different sort of service for taverns and public houses. If they are in good humour, then they taste the stock to ensure it’s quality and may improve it if the landlord is a generous host. Should they be offended or malicious, things take a nasty turn. The proprietor will find that his uninvited guests will glut themselves on the stock, leave taps open, and generally become a ruinous pest. They are difficult to drive away and, should the people decide to just pack and leave, will find that the clurichauns will tag along to wherever they go.

Why did I take such a liking to alcoholic faeries? I have no idea. It was around the time of life that I drank far too much, but that may have come after the fact. I’m not really here to dig deep into my psyche, just to write something for fun. I’m trying to get back to a schedule this week, but I am still working at getting settled into the house and the new job. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon. Take care of yourselves.


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