Quiet Dreams: Events have occured…

…and they have not all been good. Without going into details beyond saying there has been terrible losses, I ask prayers and du’as be made for these strangers.

In other news, I have been flummoxed lately as a audit approaches. The focus of this would be the files I am responsible for. It has been a series of learning curves, one after another, to get a grasp on what I need to accomplish. The job is still a welcome challenge and great people to work with, but learning something new has always been difficult for me. Add to this learning HR duties and I have been a titch stressed, but I wouldn’t give this up easily.

I am far healthier mentally than I used to be, but I still worry about how well I handle things, especially when it comes to making mistakes. Live and learn, though. This further applies to mistakes when it comes to relationships. Add the aforementioned worries to a lack of confidence in myself adds up to a feeling of failure before the fact with relationships, romantic or otherwise. I feel as though I don’t deserve love. This is currently counter-balanced by a terrible feeling of loneliness, probably to be accompanied by an inevitable poor decision.

Same as before, my mind just ran out of steam. Be kind to yourselves and take care of yourselves darlings.


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