Mental Health: Random

I actually wonder sometimes if I have brain damage, possibly from being deathly ill as an infant. In truth it is me trying to suss out some reason for why I’ve always had difficulties with focusing. Yes, I have mentioned before about feeling as though my mind is mired in mud, but it is a life-long problem. Time simply passes for me. I sit and do nothing for much of my free time, getting the minimal amount accomplished. I’m not even spending the time watching shows or movies. I simply exist. I have been getting frustrated beyond imagining lately with myself over this. The depression certainly doesn’t help.

I had a rough plan of where this was going, but it escapes me.


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  1. Oh man I’ve often thought that about myself too. That there’s got to be something wrong in my brain. I blame on my dad he was quite the alcoholic so I’m sure I’m a bit pickled by his drunk sperm. LOL! (Half joking) I started to say it’s ok to have some time to just sit. But if you’re anything like me, it’s potentially dangerous to left along with my thoughts. I don’t like where my mind goes. So getcher butt up (I’m talking to myself too) and do something constructive! Well sleep first. But tomorrow, oh boy, this is us being constructive and productive. I hope.

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