Red Maple: Gavin and Rosalind

    The shop was oppressive from the furnace heat.  The room was orderly, everything arranged in an orderly fashion.  Shelves near the door held a variety of examples of the glazier’s craft:  beakers, statues, and goblets graced the display. There were empty spaces that spoke of recent sales.  Gavin took in his surroundings before focusing on the crafter. Her lean body was turned away from him as she worked a piece of molten glass.  He was shocked at the speed of her work, bending and twisting the glob until a winged form began to emerge. Time passed as the work continued.  Once the statue had taken a rough shape and was set aside, Gavin coughed politely to announce his presence.

    “Yes, I know you are there.  Thank you for not interrupting me.”  The voice was rough and low, but still managed to rebound through the worksop.  She turned to him and Gavin saw the scars that marred her face. Her bright eyes narrowed when she looked at his face.

    “I am Rosalind and you must be Gavin.  I heard rumors that you were coming to catch my eye.”  The voice had become hard, developing a hostility that mirrored her narrowed eyes.  Gavin could now see that her spare form was tightly muscled, implying a greater strength that could be expected from someone her size.

    “It seems I did catch your eye, but not pleasantly,” he responded dryly.  He stood resolute, returning her gaze before speaking again. “I know that there are stories circulating that I have insidious designs on you.  It was suggested that I do that, but, rather, I am present to ask for work.”

    Rosalind was taken aback.  Gossip had said that Gavin was going to attempt to steal her affection to regain financial security.  She did not expect the humility in his voice.

    “What can you do for me to say yes?”

    “I can handle sales and negotiate with clients on your behalf.  I resurrected my family’s fortunes from nothing and I am not above starting again in the same fashion.”

    She remained dubious about his claims, but was familiar with his reputation.  People spoke of his intensity, but tempered with a sense of fairness.

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