Poetry: A Pleasant Walk

Here we are again.

I’ve missed you after all this time.

Here is my arm, let’s take another walk,

Listening to the crunch and rustle

of the gravel overlain with new fallen leaves.

The night is comfortable, is it not?

Not so cold to focus on warmth,

but cool enough to draw us closer.

The riverside walk isn’t far, 

but i see the roost up ahead.

The old men gather there,

The buzzard’s of this roost,

to play checkers and talk.

Life, times, and the good old days.

Always good topics to fall back on.

The air is getting cooler near the water.

Perhaps you should stand closer?

Even in this dim light the confluence is evident,

The differing shades of the rivers where they meet.

I’m glad for this time together.

We should do it more often.

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