Mental Health: Untitled

In light of so many posts that I have made, it feels that some clarification is needed. My mind is often a dreaded enemy. It often tears me apart at times through depression, anxiety, or both. The mania is not as bad as it once was, but is still there.

In talking about these issues often leaves the impression that it is my overwhelming personality. I feel broken all the time, but, in spite of this, I still know hope and dreams. Laughter does occasionally leap from my throat, although my smile rarely shows the ruined teeth I possess. I try to avoid conflict as it is rarely worth the effort. While it is true that I feel unworthy of love, it is something that is both a blessing to me and something that I quickly show to those I accept into life.

I have a damnable time concentrating or even being able to properly cogitate. Regardless, I still struggle to write, whether fiction, poetry, or nonfiction. It is a passion that is too precious to me to surrender. The hope that people enjoy my writing is immense. I love to entertain people.

For someone who used to possess an impressive temper and mean streak, today I try to focus on kindness. I may not always understand some life choices, but it is not my business and, if it brings them joy and contentment, I will do my best to support them. Being accepting is a good way to live.

Thank you as always for stopping by. Come back some other time and I will try to include more pleasant posts than strictly focusing on my mental health and cynicism. Take care and be kind to yourselves, darlings.

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