Mental Health: Stress

When you are having troubles stemming from mental illness stress does not add well to the mix.

I’ve never slept well, but lately i’ve gone back to waking repeatedly through the night. I am not falling asleep standing upright (much…no, seriously, I’ve been known for that), but I spend the day struggling to process everything. How to drive, keeping reports straight in my head, or just being able to operate my computer. It worries me and always has, but the meds do help.

I would love to write daily, but am also physically and mentally incapable of doing so. Walking through each day a zombie is not a sign of good health, mental or otherwise. I love my job, but am also struggling to keep up with all the new duties I am being given. It’s frustrating to desire to exceed expectations while being incapable to do so.

Well, that’s all I can force out of my brain before bed. Hope you are all doing well. Maybe leave a comment about something positive that happened to you today? Take care darlings, and always try to be kind to yourself. There’s only one of you, after all.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health: Stress

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  1. Yep the struggle is real. I hear ya.
    Let’s see, something good…
    its gonna be like 75° today! Got my bedroom window open. Just finished my meditation. (Although it was a struggle. Can’t stay focused. But I made it through) The sun is out the birds are chirping. It’s going to be a good day. I hope and pray yours will be too. Love ya. Remember to be kind and take care of yourself too.

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