A Lighter Note

I have been feeling a great deal of stress from before the Covid scare really began. It has disrupted my sleep worse than normal and has made my anxiety and depression worse. However, I listened to my favorite band, which I have sorely neglected, and grinned like an idiot out of joy.

Have you ever heard of Great Big Sea? They are a band out of Newfoundland and are extraordinary. I love it when they make me sad, when an up tempo song stirs me, or I just laugh over some silliness on their part.

It’s hard to say that I have a favorite song by them, but the top contenders are The Night Paddy Murphy Died, Here and Now, or the beautiful Captain Wedderburn. Their cover of End of the World is amazing in the frenetic energy it instills.

An ex-girlfriend bought me a live disc that included a cd. I keep forgetting about it, but need to revisit that performance. They make me want to visit Newfoundland even more. If you have an inkling of curiosity, give them a try. Maybe start with Road Rage, an album of live music.

Thank you for stopping by darlings. The world is a nervous place right now and I am concerned about you. Try to be kind to yourselves, but also do so for others. Show love whenever you can and brighten someone’s day, possibly even your own.


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