Wrong Turn (possibly disturbing)

Murdock stumbled through the streets.  One thing about Lortan is that it’s people do like to waste resources, such as maintaining lights on a dark night.  There was no moon to see by, and he mostly moved by touch to keep from running into any more walls. He didn’t mean to drink so much, much less to stay so late.  Brigid deserved an apology. He shouldn’t have done what he did, but she knew not to push him on a bad day.

After a short distance, Murdock was sure it was the right alley to get him home.  He had to hurry up if he was going to apologize before bed. Maybe he would just make it up to her tomorrow.  He would need sleep before work. Dawn will be here too soon. She will understand. She always did.

The alley seemed longer than it should, and, after exiting, he realized that it was Palom Court.  Cursing, he stumbled off in the correct distance, cursing at the extra distance to walk. Several streets down, he turned into another alley.  A short walk and he was confronted with a lantern, causing him to squint in the glaring light. When it came closer, he saw that a woman held it.  She pointed the beam away from his blinking, watering eyes.  

She was attractive, even without make-up.  His stare was rewarded with a slight grin. She was a little plump with a round face.  Although the woman seemed a little disheveled, Murdock’s drink-addled mind felt stirring for her.  She could have taken more interest in her appearance, he thought, but maybe she wanted some sympathy from a man.  Poor thing could stand to lose some weight.

Murdock walked up and smiled at her, reaching out to take her arm and pull the girl close.  Puzzled, he felt several pops under her skin. He was sure the grip wasn’t that strong and she hadn’t made a sound.  The grin remained on her face. There was an oily feeling under his hand. Drawing back, he stared at an oily sheen on his hand.  The skin felt like it was burning, the pain rising so quickly that he couldn’t make a sound in his shock.

The girl looked at him and softly laughed.  The inside of her mouth was filled with pustules, which she ground under her teeth, causing more popping sounds.  Murdock was still in shock when she walked close, the liquid oozing out of the corner of her mouth. She was still grinning when Murdock was pulled into an embrace and a deep kiss.  The burning sensation stopped the scream that was finally building, leaving the man croaking out pained sounds. He fell to the ground and was roughly pushed to his back. The last thing he saw was the girl pulling up her dress and straddling him.  More of the liquid splashed across his face, and his sight was gone along with his eyes. Consciousness was lost soon after, snuffed out in the pain.


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