April is an up and down month for me. My birthday was yesterday as well as being Project Semicolon Day. Ironic, all things considered. I have spoken of my history with suicide both within myself and external impacts. Having these two events coinciding are symbolic to me. The image above will be my first tattoo, whenever the tat shops reopen. In a few days will be the birthday of my little brother and the end of the month will be the anniversary of his death. Thirty-seven years old and he died of an aneurysm.

Please consider donating to the National Suicide Hotline. Look up Project Semicolon and To Write Love on Her Arms. I am wearing one of my Stigma Fighters tees today. If you ever feel the need to share your story, go to their website and submit an essay on your experiences.

You are loved, I assure you, even if you haven’t yet met those people. If you are in danger, please talk to someone, anonymously if you need. There will only ever be one of you and there will never be another.

Go with love, darlings, and try to be kind to yourselves.


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  1. Started theropy. we do phone sessions every Friday afternoon. One of the last questions she asked me today is, if I read. One of the things I told her, was about your blog. The first thing I see after the call ends is notification of your blog post. Thought it was kinda ironic.
    The anniversary of the death of a loved one is hard. I don’t know if it gets “better” every year, or just gets easier to deal with, or we just become numb to it.
    Every time I see a photo of my friend who died a few years ago I still have to choke back emotion.
    I definitely recognized the irony in your birthday coinciding with Semi colon day. I hope you had a good Birthday.
    Take care of yourself. You are loved too.

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