The Nightmare Plague: Hunted

The bears careened off the alley walls in their haste.  Never had the trio seen so many dolls.  Robyn was the first to be taken, then Thomas.  Everything after that was a haze of running battles.  None of the bears had fought so many opponents in their existence, but now nightmares were walking the streets.  They couldn’t risk slipping into dreams.  Michael had tried that, but, before anyone could follow, his screams echoed through the block.  

There was a busy street ahead.  The bears could use it to disappear and regroup.  As they accelerated to the lights and sounds of the city, coils of string looped around Lisa’s neck, rapidly dragging her up a building and out of sight.  Toby barely glanced back when he heard Alan scream.  Someone had to escape.

He had to risk being seen.  There was no ther choice.  Running up the side of a parked car, he leapt through the air and into the window of a car headed uptown.  Turning to address the people in the car, he stared into the glassy eyes of a Victorian doll.  A mannequin was driving the car, and he felt the biting cold in his wrist as the string wrapped tight.

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