Mental Health: Where Things Stand

I want to build back up to the writing output from a few years ago, but I am struggling with everything. My mental health is stronger than it was last year, yet still in a terrible condition. The depression has been unrelenting for so long that I am experiencing difficulty in identifying where it stops and where I begin. I have yet to resolve whether or not my body has become medication resistant or if there is just so much going on that it cannot cope. The amount of anti-depressants i am on is significant and neither myself or the psych want to go back to three different meds. Just the thought of leaving the house for work makes me feel sick for hours. Regardless, this is how things are now and for the foreseeable future.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health: Where Things Stand

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  1. Found out I tend to be a bit medicine resistant. (Not just that I don’t like taking meds) apparently it’s in my DNA, lucky me….did I already tell you that.? I may have. Sorry if I did.
    Keep pushing through my dear friend. I know you’ll make it. šŸ’œ
    Continuing to pray for you.
    Love and hugs.

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