Soldiers of the Void: Who am I?

Void-Class Vessels:

While no records exist proving the existence of these colossal vessels, they remain a fixture in both fiction and imagination.  Legend states that seven were built, each one claimed to be equivalent to a large urban settlement to that of a minor planet.  Were any of these fairy tales correct, such ships would have been incapable of passing through the largest warp gate, hence the name:  They advanced through the void of space without warp technology.  Personnel and passengers often spent years in cryo sleep.  No sustainable theory has been advanced to support the logistics of construction, but to support millions of people.  The Void vessels remain a fanciful notion that entertains many.

When Mick fell silent, Lanny’s cowled head turned towards his friend.  When nothing further was evident, he made an inquisitive sound.

“What else does the record say?”

Mick made an indelicate sound.

“That is all there is, I’m afraid.  We’ve become fairy tales to these people.”  He rolled his eyes as he set the tablet down between them.  Lanny stared at the dark screen for a moment before sinking deeper into his chair.

“Mick,” he said in his rasping voice, “what do our records actually say?”

The other man shrugged, taking a sip of tea before responding.

“They synced with a beacon on the planet and updated the record to be something more acceptable to what these people think of the universe.  We are represented as soldiers from a missing sleeper ship that left on a punitive expedition a few generations back.  Our real records remain stored in secure files.”

“You sound certain of how this works.  Are you certain that this process is secure?”  Lanny stared at his friend, obviously skeptical.

Mock made a wry face and nodded.

“It has before.”

“You’ve been here before?”

“Oh yes, and other planets, colonies, space stations.  Some still exist as well, but this has been a favorite for several leaves.  At least until this one.  So much has changed since my last planetfall.”

“Mick, how old are you anyway?”  Lanny knew there would be no direct answer.  There never was.

“I’m a relic, son, just like the Void Ships.”  Chuckling, he added, “Have I ever told you that Mick Mulligan isn’t my real name?  So many years have passed that I cannot recall what my real name is.  I could look at the records, but why dwell on ancient history?”

Lanny thought about the experiments that attempted to change him into a superior soldier, but it was successful only so far.  Meanwhile, the unassuming man next to him was more unnatural than Lanny and those like him who volunteered for “enhancement”. 

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  1. Really digging this. These guys are so interesting. Im glad you’re continuing it.
    How are you? Hope you are well. Take care. Look forward to seeing in the near future.

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