Poetry: Trusting the Past

I have known you for a lifetime

Considered you a constant companion

You possessed my trust

Through many dark days

Now look at where we have come

There is no presence

My life is forsaken

This spirit is foundering

Introspection is cruelty

Seeing now the past through new sight

Am I truly made in your image

Or is that a conceit

One as deceitful as a common thought

That everything happens for a purpose

Did you truly make me as I am

If this is your image

How miserable you must be

Creating life crippled in suffering

Needless pain

Despair without end

Calling out to you is now a hollow sound

Often have I done so when younger

Raising my hand high

Calling out to you

Hearing nothing

Tilting my eyes to the heaven

Seeing no sign sent by you


Begging for compassion

Unheard pleas 

Drifting through the air


Coursing through these veins

I rise

Fist in the air

Insisting upon your presence

You who i was taught made me

You are silent

I thrust both fists to the sky

Demanding you to speak

All I hear is the wind pushing my words aside

I add my voice to these fists

Bellowing my defiance upon you

Leaving me alone

To learn what I am

I will not listen to your hollow promises another day

My ancestors dwell in the past

I know where they lay

And shall trust what has passed from one life to another

Although my blood may have thinned

The traces of them may yet be found

I shall follow their example

Never yours

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