Poem: One Last Walk

It’s been too long since we last met.

May I ask that you walk with me once more?

The night is not too chilly and it will keep us warm.

Ahh, you have plans already.

No, no, it’s perfectly understandable.

You have an active life.

How could I begrudge you for that?

I will take a rain check, same as before.

You need the happiness they bring.

Besides, it does seem to be getting cooler

And a walk may be too much on a night like this.


Oh, I will be fine. Absolutely.

There are friends I haven’t seen in some time.

I will drop in on them.

The walk to their place isn’t much.

The walk will do good for me.

My thoughts will keep me company.


Tell me about him before you go.

He sounds wonderful.

Does he bring you happiness?

This makes my heart glad for you.

Well, time is getting on.

Have a great time tonight.


Oh, yes, I will be fine walking alone.

Don’t take time from them on my account.

The walk isn’t far, though I have much to do.

Perhaps home is where I will go.

It was marvelous to see you tonight.

I hope all your wishes come true.

Of course we will see each other again.

Good night, dear heart.


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