Poem: Our Scar

I lack the will to keep searching

Perhaps you exist somewhere out the corner of my eye

Could there be another world

Some other plane of existence

Where you dwell so far beyond my gaze

The strength to find you is gone

Sapped and drained from my body

Certain that you are my second half

Hurled far and away

Beyond all ability to find

If a map to treasure were to exist

All but you would be dross

Leaden weights bearing me to the ground

Pyrite to lull the foolish

While i beg the universe

That it bring me to you

My half of our scar

Reminds me of his malice

When he hurled those thunderbolts

Splitting us all in two

Always searching for what was taken

That half of my soul

The one for which i pray

Still searches for me


3 thoughts on “Poem: Our Scar

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  1. I’ve felt like that. I’ve made many a poem over the years about my loneliness and longing. Ive made so many bad decisions trying to fill that void. And felt like I wasn’t good enough for anyone. I still have dreams of meeting someone and having that connection. And I wake up heart sick. Even though I have a boyfriend….but he’s not….it’s a long story. But basically I can’t bring myself to break up with him because I don’t want to hurt him.
    At the same time I’ve drawn so much closer to God and He fills the spiritual void. He helps me through everyday. I still struggle with that physical longing. But I’m grateful to God for his love, peace, strength, and everything he gives me to get me through everyday.

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