Quiet Dreams: Sometimes You Have to Make a Stop

I had no intention of stopping at the coffee shop, but did so regardless. Near the end of my shift, I was staring down the clock. There was no leaving exactly on time. Paperwork needed to be done and I still forgot one thing in my list for the day. The need to decompress was overwhelming, to get that coffee, light that smoke, and open that journal. That last hour before closing my office door was interminable. However, the stop did more for my mind than expected.

I hadn’t spoken much with Emily in more years than my mind can recall. I always see her at work and the guilt of interrupting is almost a much as the feeling that I am and imposition. But, I did this time, because a bit of conversation with an old, dear friend was desperately needed more than I understood. My isolation has been worse on me than I realized.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the only rebuilding to start. Jeff passed through, of course, but since I generally stare at the ground these days, remained oblivious to Meggie until she called out to me. She is one I haven’t seen in probably ten years. I need my tribes again, but we are scattered to the winds now or life interrupts. Some are gone now, years gone now. I want them all back, to hug them close, until all out broken pieces are mended.

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