Quiet Dreams: Where to next?

Times are rough for everyone and I am not exception. I was forced to allow my WordPress plan to revert to the free version, but it doesn’t seem to have made a significant impact on the content I have already posted. Hopefully, as a supplemental income, I am looking at avenues for self-publishing. There is considerable material already posted here to make a start, but it will be with considerable time and effort. With few exceptions, everything on my blog is unedited. What is posted is as its was first written. The Nightmare Plague alone is halfway to being a novel, but converting it into a cohesive narrative will be its own nightmare. Currently I am working on new content for the blog, but also an original piece of horror specifically to publish for profit. Hopefully I can pull all of this together. Plus, I have to catch all the typos of my fat thumbs on this little keypad.

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