Quiet Dreams: Fork in the Road

When I began writing The Nightmare Plague, it was going to be a series of short stories or even novellas. Later I began to imagine a series of longer works, with Barnabus, Marley, and Bilal being the central characters of their respective books. There was also a thought I would have made progress towards this goal by now and the upcoming stories revealing the truth about the bears being the conclusion of book one or two. Now that this point is within sight there is a sensation of secrecy. A desire to stop completely until longer works are completed. However, I desperately desire to move through this point and advance the story. Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Quiet Dreams: Fork in the Road

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  1. While I love to the stories of the bears. And want to encourage you to keep going with them…..I WANT TO KNOW! lol! But really, i think it would be good to reveal the secret at the end of the first set of books. (Even though I’d be like “TELL ME!”) I think it’ll keep the reader interested.

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