Quiet Dreams: Fighting My Mind

I have produced very little real content in some time now, but not from a lack of desire. I cannot concentrate at home, but sitting down at the coffee shop with pen and paper has been helping tremendously. They are all short pieces and most are backstory to help flesh out the settings for fiction. These may or may not eventually be in a longer work, but they are helping. I need to write to keep my mind active or simply feel as though my mental faculties are slipping away.

I have set some rough timelines for several projects, the first being a self-published book of poetry. The next is a novella of the work in progress A Distant House followed by converting The Nightmare Plague serial into a full novel. The latter will be the most problematic, I feel, but it is my favorite.

Hopefully I can maintain this schedule and see how things play out. I could use a few extra bucks if any manage to sell, but mostly I want to fulfill a promise to a high school English teacher who possessed a towering faith in me. I saw her some months nefore she died in a collision. She said it was a matter of time before she bought my first book. How can such belief be denied?

Ms. Kirk, I am doing my best to make your proud. I love and miss you, old friend.

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