Short Fiction: The Letter of Erskine Murdoch

Why do people speak so colloquially about the man in the moon? Yes, I do see the imaginatively observed face, the eyes, and the mouth. However, to me, the last is a gaping maw of horror, releasing a howl of fear. It’s as though the face sees something abominable that we are too blind to notice. A cynic could remark that the source would be the nightmare of humanity and what we are capable of at our worst. Yet that image predates the depths of savagery that the human race showed itself to as millenia pass. I have come to believe that it represents something so unspeakable to eclipse the slumbering doom of R’lyeh.I pray that I am wrong but will shortly embark upon my journey to discover the truth. Should fortune favors us, my companions and I shall return in due time. Should the worst come to pass, there will be none left to mourn our loss.


Erskine Murdoch


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