Quiet Dreams: Where I’ve Been

This blog is not dead, but has been on unplanned hiatus. Originally this was going to be a post regarding mental health, but I have reached a point that I am unable to talk about the topic. All I will say is months of stress with little respite has taken a toll on me and is creating a concern for my general health. The issues I have been dealing with has made writing near impossible. The Nightmare Plague: Cycle One was intended to be available around the start of 2023, but has become an impossibility for me at the moment. Where does that leave Quiet Dreams?

Things must change, particularly as this blog served as a therapeutic outlet. In some fashion or another, I must write. Without this my inner health will continue to be a tribulation. As I have already run into a wall for words on a post I have tried to write for a week, If you enjoy my content, I am pushing to get more ready to post. Thank you, darlings. All my love.


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