Quiet Dreams: Where I’ve Been

This blog is not dead, but has been on unplanned hiatus. Originally this was going to be a post regarding mental health, but I have reached a point that I am unable to talk about the topic. All I will say is months of stress with little respite has taken a toll on me and... Continue Reading →

Poem #71: For Old Times

Gasping Stumbling The old man persevered His life was brief Yet interminable He grew strong In spite of the bitter cold Marking the month of birth The struggle was unceasing Weathering the rain and heat through his prime Marking the seasons passing Much was learned Though it will be lost Unable to pass along the... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Life

I am working on a staggered project schedule to return to regular posts here, to my podcast, and publishing hopes. In the latter, at least, there is some progress in the form of my first book. A collection of poetry that will eventually have audiobook and physical editions. Physical copies of my publications will take... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Fighting My Mind

I have produced very little real content in some time now, but not from a lack of desire. I cannot concentrate at home, but sitting down at the coffee shop with pen and paper has been helping tremendously. They are all short pieces and most are backstory to help flesh out the settings for fiction.... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: Unlikely Bedfellows

Gamila walked through the press of bodies without being seen. Her presence was felt, though, just enough that no one made contact. There was a little awareness telling them that she was occupying space and she was avoided. The anonymity was a blessing while simultaneously increasing her loneliness. She could not recall the last time... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: Rell’s Charge

Rell felt detached from his surroundings, almost as though he was seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. Streams of blood flowed down the narrow pass, cascading over the bodies of his fallen brothers and sisters. His own blood oozed from the gaps in the armor he was encased in. It spurted from his gauntlets... Continue Reading →

Our History: A Backwards Glance

Square dancing was a major social event in my home town. The maintenance garage in the background has been gone so long that I only vaguely remember it. They closed down one of the highways for this dance and the old courthouse is behind the photographer. The old courthouse in Livingston County, Kentucky. There was... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Upcoming Project

Here's hoping I do not have an anxiety attack for the third day in a row. This is not what I am posting about, though. I have selected a choice of poetry to edit to publish, hopefully by next Monday. This weekend I will take mother down the hill to the riverfront to take photos... Continue Reading →

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