Quiet Dreams: New Project

I have started a podcast, also named Quiet Dreams, that is available on Spotify. It is rather amateurish, having no background in audio recording or editing, but will serve as a companion to this blog. I will do the occasional reading of material already published here and new content, but there will also be companion... Continue Reading →

Poem: A Most Melancholy Grief, A Towering and Vitriolic Rage

My heart has shattered A crunch of shards underfoot The faintest susurrus of powdered fragments Drifting away in the breeze Kin has been lost Kith that will never return They all remain, so silent Dwelling in memories The tears are cool Heating quickly on a late summer day Eyes left raw, red-rimmed Declaring sorrow for... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Finding a Voice

Having become stuck yet again in terms of creativity, I am goimg to start a new project to try and kickstart my brain. I am going to begin recording a podcast on Anchor that will be a companion to the blog. Post topics will be revisited and new content as well. Hopefully this will turn... Continue Reading →

autistic, like heart

I like to my tell my heart to people. I like to tell people it is a towering, limping beast, fighting to get to you. Yes, you, whoever you are. My heart used to leave cavernous footprints and now it is a ghost of giant, but still a giant by all measures. Inside the feral... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Fork in the Road

When I began writing The Nightmare Plague, it was going to be a series of short stories or even novellas. Later I began to imagine a series of longer works, with Barnabus, Marley, and Bilal being the central characters of their respective books. There was also a thought I would have made progress towards this... Continue Reading →

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