Poem: Sheep to Wolf to Sheep

Ferocity without purpose is malice Throwing on a wolf skin Followed by that of sheep Looking harmless Endearing Playing at hard Hiding casual cruelty beneath it all Looking all pretty Showing those sparkles Trying to distract everyone From the pitted, scarred core Refusing to be viewed disadvantaged Talking down Dishing trash Donning a stolen kid’s... Continue Reading →

Poem: My Truth

I say my truth with every breath Releasing the words as I know them Lies and deception always receive their due Or, one should imagine it so When my word is dismissed With no concept of my oath What giving one signifies This rejection speaks volumes A denial of who I am Refusing to delve... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Solitude

I'm unsure if who created this image. If you know, please inform me so I may give credit. The thing in the woods. Civilization creates a sense of safety and security, a hathering if people as a defense against the unknown beyond the borders. Yet, how safe are these collections of people? How safe have... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: New Project

I have started a podcast, also named Quiet Dreams, that is available on Spotify. It is rather amateurish, having no background in audio recording or editing, but will serve as a companion to this blog. I will do the occasional reading of material already published here and new content, but there will also be companion... Continue Reading →

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