Quiet Dreams: Would you truly wish to see an angel?

Today's images of angels are either chubby, little cherubim or guardians that look remarkably human and one is assigned to each of us (Well, Christians, as the others don't count.) . They are the carriers of God's will and exist to protect his worshippers. Not exactly how they are portrayed elsewhere. Biblically, angels have been... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Solitude

I'm unsure if who created this image. If you know, please inform me so I may give credit. The thing in the woods. Civilization creates a sense of safety and security, a hathering if people as a defense against the unknown beyond the borders. Yet, how safe are these collections of people? How safe have... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: New Project

I have started a podcast, also named Quiet Dreams, that is available on Spotify. It is rather amateurish, having no background in audio recording or editing, but will serve as a companion to this blog. I will do the occasional reading of material already published here and new content, but there will also be companion... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Finding a Voice

Having become stuck yet again in terms of creativity, I am goimg to start a new project to try and kickstart my brain. I am going to begin recording a podcast on Anchor that will be a companion to the blog. Post topics will be revisited and new content as well. Hopefully this will turn... Continue Reading →

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