Poem: No Respite

The tumult arises again Hate in that voice Cruelty is not uncommon Her honeyed tones have gone Deceitful and manipulative Though they are Always seeking her way Whether fair or foul means Degradation for others When wrongs are perceived Rarely in truth A inescapable rage Always just beneath Exploding to life Assaulting those without voice... Continue Reading →

Poetry: Gone, Gone

Gone, gone, all will be ash They should live forever But here we are Saying goodbye Will I see you again In another world Out of time and space Or living a new life So many have left Taking pieces of me along Leaving me with but a hope That it helps to guide you... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: A Close Call

I walked down the hill to my parent's house to see if they had returned home. Just as I reached their yard, there was a sound to my right. I saw an animal in the shadows, but it continued to dig in the ditch rather than running away. Then I realized what the sound was:... Continue Reading →

Poem: Daily

My feet are heavy Weighted and dragging Knees asking, begging For unlooked for relief The anchors on my feet Tugging on a line Connected to the heart Every footfall Thudding in my soul Weary, craving rest Yet none is offered No signs of respite Either near or far Shoulders sagging Pushed down by thoughts Too... Continue Reading →

What are your interests?

I would like to ask for input on what you enjoyed reading, whether it is nonfiction, mental health, a fiction serial, or even particular characters. I think it would be nice to highlight particular interests for regular readers. Thoughts?

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