Quiet Dreams: “Are you okay?”

Trigger warning I was recently asked this question and received a shocked reaction to a short laugh and the reply "I am absolutely not okay." For over two years my mental health has deteriorated exponentially compared to the teetering it experienced beforehand. I have become ever more withdrawn from society in general and those close... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: I Continue

I have written little for quite some time, having no mind for creativity. Try as I might, nothing is there to draw upon. Desire remains and my mind continues to prattle endlessly, however. There are two critical reasons why I write: I want to entertain and it serves to keep me alive. I am deeply... Continue Reading →

Red Maple: Drums of War

Few people were bothered with work.  With only days left before the festival, Red Maple was enjoying the cool weather.  The final preparations would begin soon, but the chance to relax after the harvest was too enticing.  Impromptu tables and booths were cobbled together in haste, leaving proper construction for later.  Food and treats that... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Where to next?

Times are rough for everyone and I am not exception. I was forced to allow my WordPress plan to revert to the free version, but it doesn't seem to have made a significant impact on the content I have already posted. Hopefully, as a supplemental income, I am looking at avenues for self-publishing. There is... Continue Reading →

Poem: Our Scar

I lack the will to keep searching Perhaps you exist somewhere out the corner of my eye Could there be another world Some other plane of existence Where you dwell so far beyond my gaze The strength to find you is gone Sapped and drained from my body Certain that you are my second half... Continue Reading →

Poem: One Last Walk

It's been too long since we last met. May I ask that you walk with me once more? The night is not too chilly and it will keep us warm. Ahh, you have plans already. No, no, it's perfectly understandable. You have an active life. How could I begrudge you for that? I will take... Continue Reading →

Mental Health: Almost a Human

A week or so ago I feel asleep without taking my meds and that night messed me up for several days. Strangely, though, I have since been able to focus better at work. Home? Not so much. There is still more than I can manage at work, but I am making progress. A tweet I... Continue Reading →

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