Our History: A Backwards Glance

Square dancing was a major social event in my home town. The maintenance garage in the background has been gone so long that I only vaguely remember it. They closed down one of the highways for this dance and the old courthouse is behind the photographer. The old courthouse in Livingston County, Kentucky. There was... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Then and Now

General Henry Wilson Penal Laws Tenant evictions Kilmainham Jail Random words, yet all connected in the history of British oppression and dominance of Ireland. Centuries of colonialism, violence, and the treatment of an entire country of people without value. There were many attempts at pushing them from the island, but it did not bear fruit... Continue Reading →

Mental Health: I’m a Historian…

...although I have not been an academic historian since I graduated college. As a park guide/ranger, I have been more involved with public history. The former is more focused on using historical research to support a formal argument of a given subject that is typically published for peer review or general publication. The latter is... Continue Reading →

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