Poem: Out of Place, Out of Time

I am not of this place Never has it been my home It itches at me Gnaws at my soul Ignoring what beats in my chest Chafing at these restraints Unable to act Follow my instincts I couldn’t have been a soldier Following orders Trusting they are right Too many to lay faith by My... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Then and Now

General Henry Wilson Penal Laws Tenant evictions Kilmainham Jail Random words, yet all connected in the history of British oppression and dominance of Ireland. Centuries of colonialism, violence, and the treatment of an entire country of people without value. There were many attempts at pushing them from the island, but it did not bear fruit... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: A Recollection

Clurichaun. It was my online nick some twenty*coughcoughcough* years ago. Usually I was known as Clur, though. I was big into role-playing games and learned of the clurichauns through a game and novels that accompanied it. I fell in love with the spirit (no pun intended) of the creatures as it was presented. However, it... Continue Reading →

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