The Nightmare Plague: The Prismatic Pearl

Marley trudged through the storm.  She was certain it wouldn’t be much and passed a number of potential refuges.  Of course it began to rage after she had nowhere to take shelter. She grimaced and pushed through the weather, but it was getting more difficult as her plush insides became soaked through. She again regretted... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: The Bell is Tolling

The spirit saw the quarry.  It was a regrettable chore to complete, but knew it was the woman’s time.  On reflection, the creature did suspect that this wasn’t going to be a death in the natural course of life, but it was for others to decide such things.  Drawing itself up, the spirit was about... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Unquiet Dreams

Lately, much like this morning, I have found myself disturbed. A number have dreams have come to me of late that were very deceptive. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, although the events and settings were themselves representative of monumental changes to my life. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but a sense of unease... Continue Reading →

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