Quiet Dreams: But Why Nightmares?

"IN GOD WE TRUST, IN GUIDE WE TRUST", Graffiti in Mammoth Cave National Park, pre-park. Why am I focused on nightmares? The Nightmare Plague is my primary fiction series, focusing on teddy bears fighting unnatural nightmares. They cannot end regular nightmares, only ease the impact on the individual. I rarely have nightmares, at least that... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: Unlikely Bedfellows

Gamila walked through the press of bodies without being seen. Her presence was felt, though, just enough that no one made contact. There was a little awareness telling them that she was occupying space and she was avoided. The anonymity was a blessing while simultaneously increasing her loneliness. She could not recall the last time... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Fork in the Road

When I began writing The Nightmare Plague, it was going to be a series of short stories or even novellas. Later I began to imagine a series of longer works, with Barnabus, Marley, and Bilal being the central characters of their respective books. There was also a thought I would have made progress towards this... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: At the Crossroads

The night was soft, gentle, easily lulling people to slumber, And yet, a rumble came through the distance, The sound swelled, as a great tide before crashing into the shore, What may have been thunder took on something less welcome, That of a multitude of horsemen, all too familiar to those whose ears it touched,... Continue Reading →

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