The Nightmare Plague: A Caged Mind

The workshop, as always, existed in a state of disarray, with the exception of an area around the center.  It appeared as though someone just cannot be bothered to tidy up past a certain point and dwelt in a microcosm in the center of chaos.  Fantastic creations stood in the corners, caked with dust, while... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: Bilal, Chapter One

Note: This began as the opening for an intended novel. Whether that stays or not is not yet decided. The young woman had been walking faster since she realized a man was following her.  The street was nearly empty and the shops were closed, but there was confidence in her ability to escape once she... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: Enveloped in Shadows

The route through the cave passages went from colossal avenues to narrow passages.  The bear remembered the path quite well, even after so much time.  He never cared for the place, feeling that it was a cliche nightmare, that of the monster in the cave.  Every passage he passed held eyes watching him, but none... Continue Reading →

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