Poem #71: For Old Times

Gasping Stumbling The old man persevered His life was brief Yet interminable He grew strong In spite of the bitter cold Marking the month of birth The struggle was unceasing Weathering the rain and heat through his prime Marking the seasons passing Much was learned Though it will be lost Unable to pass along the... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Life

I am working on a staggered project schedule to return to regular posts here, to my podcast, and publishing hopes. In the latter, at least, there is some progress in the form of my first book. A collection of poetry that will eventually have audiobook and physical editions. Physical copies of my publications will take... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Upcoming Project

Here's hoping I do not have an anxiety attack for the third day in a row. This is not what I am posting about, though. I have selected a choice of poetry to edit to publish, hopefully by next Monday. This weekend I will take mother down the hill to the riverfront to take photos... Continue Reading →

Poem: Sheep to Wolf to Sheep

Ferocity without purpose is malice Throwing on a wolf skin Followed by that of sheep Looking harmless Endearing Playing at hard Hiding casual cruelty beneath it all Looking all pretty Showing those sparkles Trying to distract everyone From the pitted, scarred core Refusing to be viewed disadvantaged Talking down Dishing trash Donning a stolen kid’s... Continue Reading →

Poem: My Truth

I say my truth with every breath Releasing the words as I know them Lies and deception always receive their due Or, one should imagine it so When my word is dismissed With no concept of my oath What giving one signifies This rejection speaks volumes A denial of who I am Refusing to delve... Continue Reading →

Poem: Our Scar

I lack the will to keep searching Perhaps you exist somewhere out the corner of my eye Could there be another world Some other plane of existence Where you dwell so far beyond my gaze The strength to find you is gone Sapped and drained from my body Certain that you are my second half... Continue Reading →

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