Quiet Dreams: But Why Nightmares?

"IN GOD WE TRUST, IN GUIDE WE TRUST", Graffiti in Mammoth Cave National Park, pre-park. Why am I focused on nightmares? The Nightmare Plague is my primary fiction series, focusing on teddy bears fighting unnatural nightmares. They cannot end regular nightmares, only ease the impact on the individual. I rarely have nightmares, at least that... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Where I’ve Been

This blog is not dead, but has been on unplanned hiatus. Originally this was going to be a post regarding mental health, but I have reached a point that I am unable to talk about the topic. All I will say is months of stress with little respite has taken a toll on me and... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Life

I am working on a staggered project schedule to return to regular posts here, to my podcast, and publishing hopes. In the latter, at least, there is some progress in the form of my first book. A collection of poetry that will eventually have audiobook and physical editions. Physical copies of my publications will take... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Fighting My Mind

I have produced very little real content in some time now, but not from a lack of desire. I cannot concentrate at home, but sitting down at the coffee shop with pen and paper has been helping tremendously. They are all short pieces and most are backstory to help flesh out the settings for fiction.... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Solitude

I'm unsure if who created this image. If you know, please inform me so I may give credit. The thing in the woods. Civilization creates a sense of safety and security, a hathering if people as a defense against the unknown beyond the borders. Yet, how safe are these collections of people? How safe have... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: New Project

I have started a podcast, also named Quiet Dreams, that is available on Spotify. It is rather amateurish, having no background in audio recording or editing, but will serve as a companion to this blog. I will do the occasional reading of material already published here and new content, but there will also be companion... Continue Reading →

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