Quiet Dreams: Where to next?

Times are rough for everyone and I am not exception. I was forced to allow my WordPress plan to revert to the free version, but it doesn't seem to have made a significant impact on the content I have already posted. Hopefully, as a supplemental income, I am looking at avenues for self-publishing. There is... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Sometimes You Have to Make a Stop

I had no intention of stopping at the coffee shop, but did so regardless. Near the end of my shift, I was staring down the clock. There was no leaving exactly on time. Paperwork needed to be done and I still forgot one thing in my list for the day. The need to decompress was... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: A Close Call

I walked down the hill to my parent's house to see if they had returned home. Just as I reached their yard, there was a sound to my right. I saw an animal in the shadows, but it continued to dig in the ditch rather than running away. Then I realized what the sound was:... Continue Reading →

What are your interests?

I would like to ask for input on what you enjoyed reading, whether it is nonfiction, mental health, a fiction serial, or even particular characters. I think it would be nice to highlight particular interests for regular readers. Thoughts?

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