Red Maple: Drums of War

Few people were bothered with work.  With only days left before the festival, Red Maple was enjoying the cool weather.  The final preparations would begin soon, but the chance to relax after the harvest was too enticing.  Impromptu tables and booths were cobbled together in haste, leaving proper construction for later.  Food and treats that... Continue Reading →

Lull of the Storm

The woman was drenched and her boots were full of mud, yet the door had yet to oipen. The sounds from within made it evident that no one had retired, but the door had been bolted. Miriam could well guess why, thinking of sort of family that her mother had married into. There was light... Continue Reading →

Red Maple: A Welcome Worn Thin

The day had been pleasant, but in the mountains this can change quickly.  Klaus thought pressing on was worth the effort  rather than stopping to prepare a campsite.  The more chilled he became, the burly man thought of how strong his body is, and he could survive something as paltry as cold air.  The people... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: The Knowledge Thief

“But it’s a brothel,” Renton exclaimed. Ambrose sighed.  “You need to broaden your horizons.  This place is reputable and clean.  They even pay their taxes.” Renton looked at his friend out of the corner of his eye. “You aren’t serious?” “Trust me.  This is how things work in Red Maple.  You’ll get used to it.”... Continue Reading →

Red Maple: A Fall From Grace, Part One

Gavin tried to ignore the screams and shouts of his family.  They were beyond discontent with events, and were vocal in their displeasure.  He focused on the papers on the desk. He had burned through considerable numbers of candles over the days while he compiled the list.  Fortunately he still had a cadre of loyal... Continue Reading →

Red Maple: The Uncanny Guests, Part Four

Tad said, “I guess they ignite more spectacularly after you have improved them?” All three clurichauns hissed in unison:  “Yes!” The small party rode through the now empty street.  The explosion didn’t come until they had passed the town boundary.  The stone walls of the cellar and tavern send the blast up through the roof. ... Continue Reading →

Red Maple: The Uncanny Guests, Part Two

In the darkness of the cellar, small shoes clicked on the stone floor.  They were small, about the size of a toddler, but fully formed. They were dressed well, but not showy.  The clothes are durable and designed to last. All three stood in silent thought, staring around the room.  One sucked at his teeth.... Continue Reading →

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