Soldiers of the Void: Less Than a Friend, More Than a Enemy

Things could be worse, Mick conceded, but not by much.  Lanny remained asleep, bordering on comatose, and the ship’s store of medicines were becoming taxed.  Finding what he needed even on a developed planet will be difficult.  Once again he thought of reaching out to the man, but remained unsure.  How would he react to... Continue Reading →

Soldiers of the Void: Who am I?

Void-Class Vessels: While no records exist proving the existence of these colossal vessels, they remain a fixture in both fiction and imagination.  Legend states that seven were built, each one claimed to be equivalent to a large urban settlement to that of a minor planet.  Were any of these fairy tales correct, such ships would... Continue Reading →

Soldiers of the Void: Homecoming

Mick walked steadily towards the scanner, although he was just as reticent as the robed figure accompanying him.  So many years had passed.  Would their records have been archived?  Did they still exist at all?  So many had forgotten they existed and the two travelers had slipped into the realm of folktales and fiction.  Probably... Continue Reading →

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