Red Maple: Drums of War

Few people were bothered with work.  With only days left before the festival, Red Maple was enjoying the cool weather.  The final preparations would begin soon, but the chance to relax after the harvest was too enticing.  Impromptu tables and booths were cobbled together in haste, leaving proper construction for later.  Food and treats that... Continue Reading →

Soldiers of the Void: Less Than a Friend, More Than a Enemy

Things could be worse, Mick conceded, but not by much.  Lanny remained asleep, bordering on comatose, and the ship’s store of medicines were becoming taxed.  Finding what he needed even on a developed planet will be difficult.  Once again he thought of reaching out to the man, but remained unsure.  How would he react to... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: The Prismatic Pearl

Marley trudged through the storm.  She was certain it wouldn’t be much and passed a number of potential refuges.  Of course it began to rage after she had nowhere to take shelter. She grimaced and pushed through the weather, but it was getting more difficult as her plush insides became soaked through. She again regretted... Continue Reading →

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