Short Fiction: The Letter of Erskine Murdoch

Why do people speak so colloquially about the man in the moon? Yes, I do see the imaginatively observed face, the eyes, and the mouth. However, to me, the last is a gaping maw of horror, releasing a howl of fear. It’s as though the face sees something abominable that we are too blind to... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: Unlikely Bedfellows

Gamila walked through the press of bodies without being seen. Her presence was felt, though, just enough that no one made contact. There was a little awareness telling them that she was occupying space and she was avoided. The anonymity was a blessing while simultaneously increasing her loneliness. She could not recall the last time... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: Rell’s Charge

Rell felt detached from his surroundings, almost as though he was seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. Streams of blood flowed down the narrow pass, cascading over the bodies of his fallen brothers and sisters. His own blood oozed from the gaps in the armor he was encased in. It spurted from his gauntlets... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Fork in the Road

When I began writing The Nightmare Plague, it was going to be a series of short stories or even novellas. Later I began to imagine a series of longer works, with Barnabus, Marley, and Bilal being the central characters of their respective books. There was also a thought I would have made progress towards this... Continue Reading →

Red Maple: Drums of War

Few people were bothered with work.  With only days left before the festival, Red Maple was enjoying the cool weather.  The final preparations would begin soon, but the chance to relax after the harvest was too enticing.  Impromptu tables and booths were cobbled together in haste, leaving proper construction for later.  Food and treats that... Continue Reading →

Atomic City: Bastard Bend (Part One)

“Look, son, we need to know what happened that night.  Help us understand why people died out there.  You walked away with those scars, but they were taken from their families.  We don’t suspect you of anything, but you are holding back.” The young man was obviously listening, but remained quiet and deep in thought. ... Continue Reading →

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